Where Do You Stand?


He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters abroad. ~Matthew 12:30

I believe that in this verse Jesus makes Himself very clear that those who do not stand with Him are against Him.  In this battle of good and evil there is no middle ground.  Jesus calls us to stand with Him.

We are not to be slack and complacent accepting things as they are.  We either stand united with Jesus or we stand united with Satan.  Many people seem to think that they can simply straddle the fence.  Professing to be a follower of Jesus, but appearing like the rest of the world.

Yet in the end you have to take a stand and by not making a decision, you are choosing to stand with Satan.  Do you understand that this isn’t a situation where you can simply go along and not make a choice?  This is a life and death battle.

More than that I feel that this verse also shows us that we should be gathering people to Jesus.  We must stand united and love people and show people Jesus, instead of fighting with others and causing disruptions.  We need to be careful that we do not cause others to stumble or fall away.

Jesus has shown us how essential it is that we follow Him and bring others to know Him.  Yes, many people think well as long as I am saved, what does it matter whether I share the message with others.  Do you want to know why it matters?  It matters because we are going to have to answer for how we used the gifts that we have been given.  Well what is the absolute greatest gift?  Our salvation!!  For without this we have no hope.  Would you dare know this and keep others from having the hope that you were given?

I wouldn’t want to answer for this.  Instead I want to live showing others just how blessed they can be, and the way to true life!

So I ask, Are You In, or Are You Out?  Where do you stand?