Will You Live Life Awake?


I am happy joining up with World Help today.  World Help is a faith-based organization serving people around the World.

As I watch Noel Yeatts (vice president of World Help), videos and read her blog, my heart breaks.  You see Noel is touching on an area that I feel God has worked on in my life.  It was just earlier this year that I felt God say that I could be His hands and feet in the Congo.  This was not something that I want or ever expected.

The Congo is the poorest of the poor.  On the Human Development Index where countries rated (by resources) the Congo rates 187th of 187 (as of February 2013).  I am a person who enjoys my creature comforts so I was more than a little shocked that as the guest speaker at my church spoke that I felt God calling me to go.  I still don’t know how all this will happen, as I mentioned in previous blogs, but it has awakened me to the needs in other countries.

When I read stories like Noel shares in her book “Awake“, it breaks my heart.  I have felt this before when reading the story of “Saving Levi”.  It makes me want to do something, although honestly I don’t know what.  There is little I can do when I am unemployed with no source of income.  But I am slowly learning that I can pray for those in other countries, and I can pray that God provides someone to help.  But more than that I can stay awake to the voice of God as He leads me, and I will be ready when He sends me to help myself.

I long not to get so distracted that the pains of the many fail to inflict hurt upon my heart.  It is simply so easy to allow the comfort of my life to make me think that nothing else matters.  But in reality many are hurting Worldwide and survive on much less than I do here in the United States.

So I make up my mind to stay more awake to the needs here around me, until I can do something about the needs around the world.

Will you join me in trying to live life more awake and reaching out to help others?

Would you be willing to give to Help Rescue Children through Operation Baby Rescue?  Or perhaps you would prefer to give aid to Syrian Refugees?  One of the most important needs is to provide clean water.



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