When It Feels Like The Pause Button Has Been Pressed On Your Life


Sometimes things press in hard, and you know that there is much that needs to be done.  Lately there are times where I feel like that a lot, yet at the same time it is like someone has pressed the pause button on things.  For as much as I need to get accomplished, I simply can’t do anything more right now.

I know that there is much needing attention, and quickly, and I see it clearly.  At the same time while I can see it, I also see that there is no way to do this at this point in time.  It is a strange feeling, to know that things are pressing in, and not be able to do anything about it right now.  It is similar to be watching a movie, knowing what scene comes next, and yet someone has pressed paused and walked away.  There is a waiting in anticipation, at the same time a great sense of frustration because you can’t move forward.

As frustrating and strange as it feels I know that I must press into God, and let Him show me what needs the most attention.  Currently that is relationships.  I find that I am spending more time with my family as a whole.  Also spending more time with my grandmother, who in recent years I have not cared to spend that much time with.

I tend to struggle with the thoughts that I must do more to resume life as normal.  Instead I can only be who I am and just do what is needed.  Which means a lot more of helping out, sitting there and relaxing, enjoying my grandmothers presence, instead of being busy going about life as normal.

But this serves to remind me  that I need not go about resuming life as normal, because my “normal” life isn’t what God placed me here for.  I am called to do what God wants of me, instead of doing whatever I please.