Your Story Starts with God


In the study I have been doing on the book of Jonah, I have been reminded again and again that my story starts with God.  As I reflect I have to admit that is true, because even before I knew about God, He was present in my life.

Coming from beginnings that were not so fantastic, although I can’t go into great detail because it isn’t my story alone to tell.  Born from a situation not ideal, the first child born to a mere child herself.  My childhood in most ways was uneventful, yet in other ways, more eventful than most.

Looking back I can see how God was at work even then, even before I knew about God.  Reflecting over the years, and the countless struggles I can see how God has shaped my life.  I see how the struggles have been ways for God to grow me and get me to where I am now.  Not that He needed the struggles, but how He used those to bring me closer to Him.

I’ve admitted before I did not have the benefit of being raised in church, and at times I have questioned why.  But now I see that every pain had a purpose, every time of questioning God, all things I have wrestled with had a purpose in His greater plan for my life.

I look back and look where I am now and I am simply amazed at the goodness of God.  His plans are far better than our own!!

It makes me also wonder how many of you have seen something similar in your lives?  I would love to hear an example of how you have witnessed this to be true even in your life.

This post started differently because I was going to attempt to share my past experiences to show how faithful God is, but then I realized that I couldn’t begin to do that without revealing things that others in my family would not be comfortable with.  Sometimes what is beneficial for me, isn’t beneficial to those around me, so for now, you will simply have to take my word for it.