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Submission includes the Mind


Life has been so busy lately.  I apologize that I have fallen behind on posting.  It has been a learning process.

God is showing me that Submission also occurs in the battlefield of our minds.  I must be submissive in my thoughts to those in authority.  Because wherever your thoughts take you, your attitudes will surely follow.

I am learning again that it is essential to pay attention to what I am thinking about.  Since starting work I have realized that my own attitudes and thoughts hinder my ability to be successful.  One of the first reminders came as I found myself trying once again to be overly preoccupied with what the shift supervisor and team leaders thought of me.  I had to catch myself and remind myself that what they think really doesn’t matter, as long as I am working as unto God and doing what I was shown to do.

After that I found that I was quickly annoyed by others.  After having been unemployed so long, I was very thankful to have a job.  A different attitude than I normally have.  When I went into work and people started complaining automatically about work, I got mad.  I also had to work on not judging them, simply because we were coming from different perspectives.  Then I found myself instead of complaining when they annoyed me to pray for them instead that they would know God, and if they already did that they would go deeper with Him.

I also had to battle the lies of “not being good enough” or “not being fast enough” to do the work.  My thought life has changed greatly since being back at work, which I find surprising because normally I would not notice the thoughts.

On top of work was preparing for the fashion show.  I was a huge success.  In the end I felt confident and beautiful.  I still don’t know how much money was raised, but for me personally it was a success.  A few pictures from back stage.





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