Our Stories Matter

I realized anew last night that our stories really matter.  I mean in a way I knew that they mattered, and I love hearing everyone’s stories.  I have felt that I have a voice and share fairly well here on my blog.  I guess somewhere along the way though I began to feel that my story was simply my life.  Nothing spectacular, or even remarkably different from the lives of many others.

Yet last night at the rehearsal for the fashion show I was reminded that my story does affect others.  For you see I mentioned that back in February I had to go and be recorded on a video sharing my story and why I support Restoration Place Ministries where I get therapy.  After shooting the video, I was surprised when the person doing the video started talking about how amazing my story is, because often I don’t see it that way.

Last night the models got to see the video.  This was so odd for me because I don’t think that I look good on video, and I really don’t like hearing my voice played back to me.  But the biggest shock to me was the responses that people had to the fact that I shared a small portion of my story.  Not just the general thanks for sharing, or even that it turned out well.

It went deeper than that.  People were getting emotional, some tears, and people found it inspiring.  I had a hard time responding to that because I didn’t see my story as affecting people like that.  I really didn’t see it affecting others in much of any way, other than the fact that I had hoped maybe it could provide a glimpse of hope to others, that life can improve.

The thought of it being played to a crowded room tonight, is a bit intimidating.  Because they end the video showing a picture of me.  The same picture that will be shown as I walk down the runway, meaning that everyone will know that I am the one from the video.

Mostly though I want you to realize that if my story matters and can affect others like that, then so can your story.  Don’t be afraid to share it with others.