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Surrender and Submission

Well I have some good news and some bad news.  Good news is I have got a job and returned to work, and will be working 6 days a week for awhile.  Bad news is until I get adjusted to the new schedule posts may be a bit sporadic.


Having been out of work since August, I am terribly out of practice and I find myself wanting to panic that I can’t get everything done.  I know that this means I need to reevaluate what remains in my schedule and what I let go of.  I will continue to blog, however I can’t promise perfectly scheduled posts 3 times a week for awhile.

As for my one word update for this week.  I’ll be honest, I am beginning to wonder why I picked this word, and if I shouldn’t have chose something a bit simpler.  As all good words do, this has been a challenge, and honestly I never expected that God would use this word to turn my life upside down.

However I find that is going to be the case.  Submission isn’t an easy thing and well I fully know  that God is going to test just how willing I am to submit everything into His capable hands.  You would think that perhaps it would be easy to do so, maybe even common sense.

Not so much.  I know He is in control and He has all the answers.  I find that I must repeatedly turn the situations back to Him over and over and over again.  Removing my hands from things and allowing Him to do whatever He will.  This is hard at times because I like to know the answers, I like to think that I am in some semblance of control.

This is not the case at all.  God will provide, guide and bless, but it has nothing to do with me or what I do, as long as I remain submissive.  I can be hard-headed and hard-hearted, and it may take longer because I present my own obstacles when I don’t surrender, but ultimately God will do as He sees fit.

I want to remain sensitive to the spirit and know what to do.  It is not easy for me to say I know nothing, do simply your will.  But I find that over and over, I have to resort to that because without it I will not have peace over the situations.  They are not mine to manipulate, try to work out or control.  God gives me every good gift, and when things appear to not be going to work out as I expected, I merely have to trust that He knows and He will somehow make a way, when in fact I see none.

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2 thoughts on “Surrender and Submission

  1. bellasmomwvu says:

    Congrats on the job!!! Hang in there with your one word…I am still trying to figure mine out as well. I believe God leads us to them because He does want us to be more submissive. I can’t wait to hear in another 9 months how God truly blessed you with this word. Hugs!

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