You Need To Know That God Is Revising The Vision

So I announced almost a month ago that I would be blogging again soon.  I really had intended that it would be up in just a week or two.  Obviously though God had other plans.  I set up a design that I mostly liked and I had a basic idea for the blog.  As I began to play with it all and pray about it God has taken over.  I ended up with a completely different design than I originally intended, and I am not yet finished with all that needs to be done.

More than that though I wanted to update you and to share my vision for the new blog.  It has been on my heart for a while that I wanted to be a source of encouragement to women and a cheerleader of sorts in this walk of faith.  To be for others what I had wished someone would have told me as I was learning.  In fact not too long after I quit blogging I had an idea for a new blog, but I didn’t want to blog alone and those that I wanted to help me were unable.  At that time God gave me three main areas around which I could blog:

  • Identity: Who we are in Christ
  • Inheritance: What we have in Christ
  • Improvement: Moving Forward with Christ

When I couldn’t find others to come along side me I shelved the idea because honestly I was tired of all the work that went into maintaining a blog and posting so often.  As only God can do though as I began to consider blogging again God reminded me of the notes that I had made when I got excited and was planning it.  Some ideas stayed, some were dismissed.  Parts were combined into a beautiful new idea.

So the new blog will talk about the 3 areas I just mentioned as well as a few other areas.  The plan as I understand it, is to teach others how to know who they are, what they have, and to make them aware of the battle constantly going on around us as we uncover the deceptions of the enemy, the authority we have, and we learn to grow together stronger in Christ.

I will do this using the things I have learned and that God teaches me and using stories from my life as God leads.  It is going to be an amazing journey and I am so glad that you will join me.  I hope that you will have friends that you will encourage to join us also.  I would love to be able to tell you when it will go live, however right now I don’t know.  Every time I think I am getting close God reminds me of things that still need to be done.  I thank you for your great patience with me and I look forward to talking again soon.

A New Beginning

I don’t know if anyone is still subscribed to updates from this blog.  But on the off-chance that someone is I wanted to let you know that in the coming weeks I will begin blogging again.  I will not be resurrecting The Pure Sacrifice however, I will be starting fresh on a new blog under my name.

I will update this blog with the new address once I get everything set up.