Thanks for Grace

Sometimes life can be funny and despite my best intentions I become overwhelmed and find myself struggling to trust as I should.  Oh I know that things are great in my life right now.  But it seems like things are not as focused as I would prefer.

God is working on me in many areas and I find myself struggling to make time for the things I need to be getting done.  So I may not get to post as frequently every week, but I trust that God will guide me as He sees fit.

Between the writing that I should be doing, researching and learning what I need to do to make my health goals, and trying to get a business started I am finding that I don’t have as much time to dedicate to writing as much as I would like and I would rather write a couple really good quality posts instead of writing many that just are not great.

I thank you for understanding as I try to again find a new balance in my blogging.  I have many things I am wanting to write and some great things to come.  So I thank you for grace.


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