Showing Love


This time of year we know is about the birth of Jesus.  Yet, let’s not get stuck on the birth alone.  Let’s look at why the one who was before all, chose to leave Heaven and dwell on Earth in the most vulnerable and helpless form. He loved us so dearly and He knew that we could never pay our sin debt.  So he gave up His rights and the riches of Heaven, to experience life as a human so that He could understand our trials and our pain.

How to Live

More than that He showed us how to live so that we might walk with Him.  Let us not forget though that He did not stay a baby, but that He grew and changed lives.  He taught us how to serve others and the importance of relationships.  How a caring touch and encouragement, and accepting others without judgement can change things. He taught us how to place the things of the Kingdom first, and to stay close to God.

If He can do those things, then as His followers we can too!!  The Word says that we are heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ.  (Rom 8:17) That means that we have the same power as Jesus!!!!  The Word also says that He who believes the works that I do he will also do and greater works. (John 14:12)

Be The Gift

So at Christmas let us remember that Jesus is a gift to us, so that we may be a gift to others.  Tweet It doesn’t have to break the bank. The gifts don’t need to come from the store. This gift can mean so much more.  Perhaps it is the gift of yourself to your family that misses your presence.  Or maybe the kindness of visiting a hurting friend. Possibly a phone call that is not rushed that you simply give your entire focus on.

God loved us enough to send Jesus.  Jesus loved us enough to take our punishment.  And you, I know there is someone you would most likely do anything for. Have you shown them that lately?

Our lives are short, only a breath really so tell that someone you love them.  Tweet  Show them today how you really feel. All we really have is this moment. You never know how it may bless them this Christmas.

Share with me your thoughts on what you might do.



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