Food Addiction is Real


photo credit: Kirti Poddar via photopin cc

photo credit: Kirti Poddar via photopin cc

I mentioned that I would share with you some of what I have learned, and some things I already knew but never really cared about before.  Remember, I am not a health care professional and I am not an expert on health matters.  I want to start with the fact that food addiction is a real problem.  Whenever we eat foods that are not natural it sets us up to want more and more.  In fact, refined sugar is the most addictive substance of all.  It is more addictive than cocaine, morphine and heroin.

Food manufacturers actually hire people to make the food addictive.  In fact, in one of the seminars I listened to I found out that some of the big tobacco companies are also running our food companies.  One example of this is that Phillip Morris is Kraft.

Another thing that surprised me that kind of backs this up is the average American consumes 146 pounds of flour a year, and 152 pounds of sugar a year.  That is about a pound for every American a day.  For me, this just proves that the foods do have an addictive property, why else would we consume so much?

Sugar is the leader in food addictions.  It causes the same organic changes in the brain as drug use does.  Other addictive foods are the fatty and salty foods.  When we eat these things we may feel momentary bliss.  Over time the brain reduces dopamine to lower the pleasure threshold makes it so we need to eat more and more to reach that same degree of pleasure.  Both drugs and food enter the reward center of the brain.

The good news is that it is all reversible with detox and recovery!  I am working on removing some of the foods from my diet.  I have already reduced some of the sugar I eat, and I am limiting some of my other salty treats that I enjoy and trying to replace them with something healthier.

For more information about food addiction, you can visit Pamela Peeke.  As I said I am not a professional, and I do not know Dr. Peeke in any way she is just who I heard speaking on this topic that I intend to look into more as I continue my journey to better health.  I believe that you will also find her on Facebook and twitter if you are interested.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this!!

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Given New Life

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Joining up tonight with an Amazing community on Twitter, #FMFparty and we are all writing about Paint.  We simply write unedited for 5 minutes and then link up.  Please feel free to join us.

This weeks prompt: Paint

When I think about paint, I think about clean, new, fresh.  Paint can be a marvelous thing because it takes something that may feel old, stale, worn, and makes it look new again.  In some ways paint can be compared to the blood of Christ.  We are washed in the blood and given new life, much like paint gives things a new life.  The bad thing is that anything you paint will eventually need to be painted again.  Yet when we are washed in the blood of the lamb, it only needs to be done once.  While we continually need to confess our daily shortcomings, we are washed clean once for all time.  Jesus only had to die once for us, and He did that so that we would not need to die a painful death on the cross.  That is only what we deserved as we are all born sinners, and yet we get this amazing gift of grace and love that keeps us from ever having to pay the price for our sins.

I am so thankful for the precious blood of the lamb.

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Spring Changes

I have been known to start things I do not complete.  Over time through Christ I have learned to overcome this. I sometimes have really ambitious ideas and my series on the new testament definitely falls into this category.  I have not forgotten, after some thought I realized that to do each of the gospels justice that I need to take a break between them.  I am concerned that it will become too familiar and I do not want to neglect talking about something important.  But, I will come back to do the book of Mark soon.

You also see some other changes around here today on the appearance of the blog.  I did not think that I would be making changes this soon.  As I shared in the Newsletter, God has laid it on my heart to change my blog design and focus a bit.  As you can see the theme did not change, but I hope that you like the new header and that the menus and sidebars have been cleaned up a bit.  God showed me that I had already begun living the changes.  I know that I am living out my life, and trying my best to do this in full surrender of Gods plan for me, not that I believe that I have fully achieved this.  I want to be joyful all the time knowing that all things in life are temporary and that includes my problems.  I want all that I do to be glorifying His name and joyfully serve where I am planted.

I am learning that waiting is not always a bad thing.  Waiting is actually a time of preparation for what He has planned for me.  Rest is also essential in that.  We simply can not serve or strive all the time to get somewhere.  In fact many times we have to simply go about our lives and trust that somehow God is working out the details to His plan.  It would be really hard for us to take care of the details when we are not even sure of the plan.  The things that catch us off guard, do not surprise God.  It is best that we surrender to Him and wait for His guidance on the next step along the journey.

So with all the changes the Mission statement for this blog has also changed a bit.  Also as many have expressed the desire that I share a bit more about me, I have shared more openly on the About page.  The new mission statement

My mission is to challenge you to grow in your relationship with Jesus, to remind you of your hope and future in Christ Jesus, and to encourage you to live in surrender of His plan for your life.

As part of the changes I have made a download for those who subscribe to the biweekly newsletter.  This is a commitment to surrender to Jesus, that you can print, sign and frame.  A sample is below.


As I continue to live surrendered to Him, I hope that you will continue to join me here and share with me the things that you are seeing as you surrender to His plans for your life.  I would also love to hear what you think of the new design.

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